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Vi förbehåller oss rätten att lägga ut bilderna på vår hemsida och blogg, samt använda dem i vår egen marknadsföring om inte annat skriftligen överenskommits.

Ring mig om du undrar om mina priser.

Företagsporträtt i studio  (+moms)

Fotografering 1 person 1200kr  inkl 1 färdigställd bild.

följande 2-5 personer 975kr st. inkl. 1 färdigställd bild / person

Ring om fler personer eller grupper

Hundfotografering och Sport bilder

Fotografering utomhus.

2 timmar 1500kr.

Fotografering i studio.

1 timma  950kr

Vänligen ring om prisuppgifter på våra olika storlekar och paket.



Jag fotograferar även boudoir...

Ge din älskling en fin överrskning som blir ett minne för livet. En boudoir session kan ske i ditt hem eller hos en vän som kanske har rummet som passar. Vi kan även fotografera i ett hotellrum.

Fotograferingen kostar 2800kr.

Efter det så kan du beställa ett fint album, digitala filer eller varför inte en fin förstoring.

Kika på mina bilder här

Yes! We are celebrating 25 years in a studio. It has been a total of four different studios on two continets. It has been a great experience!

I was born in Sweden in the late 60's and moved to the U.S in my early teens. It was back in 1986 when I got my first camera gear and I loved it from the start. I became the yearbook photographer in high school. My first year in college I worked at the local newspaper, it was very exciting to start a real job and I got to meet the people from my part of San Diego.  After that job I moved on to become a photographer for a printing company that provided photography and broschyres for realtors.  After each house I photographed, I developed the film and printed the images.  The darkroom was an old stinky bathroom with no ventilation. It was a place I needed to leave.

I focused on starting on my own which I did in 1992 and this happened right after college and I haven't stopped since. In 2004 I started my studio in Sweden. I just love being a photographer, going places and meeting great people!  I work from my heart and capture my images with lots of T.L.C. Each job I create I want to make it the very best because I know how important these images are.

I hope you like my work and I look forward photographing your needs.